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Make it quick. Keep it simple. Close your next deal with less hassle and paperwork, at QS Private Lending.

QS Private Lending is one of the oldest and largest hard money lenders to real estate investors in MA, RI, NH and GA. Our quick and simple short-term loans have enabled hundreds of builders and investors to profitably acquire and renovate residential and commercial properties.

For more information, call us at 508-975-4367. We are here to help you finance your next real estate investment.

QS Private Lending is a premier hard money lender serving Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Georgia. Investors purchase and improve investment properties more quickly and profitably with our simple, flexible rehab loans.

Why Borrow from QS?

Good deals are hard to come by. Don’t lose one, waiting to be approved for a loan. QS Private Lending can pre-approve your financing in as little as one day. Be ready to move quickly and close your next deal.

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We are not a bank. No monthly borrowing certificates. No complicated forms. We use standard documents that won’t bog you down in paperwork. Once you sign your commitment letter, we can close your financing within days.

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Our short-term loans require interest-only monthly payments. You may pre-pay the loan at any time without additional cost. We understand that schedules change. Payoff dates for a QS loan can be changed, too.

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