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QS Private Lending specializes in making short term loans for the acquisition, construction and renovation of investor-owned real estate. As one of the oldest and largest private lenders in MA, RI, NH and GA, QS understands the need for simple and prompt financings. Our ability to commit funding and close quickly allows investors to bid more competitively and acquire real estate at lower purchase prices than with conventional bank financing. And our straightforward documents and reporting allow you to focus on improving and managing your investment properties, instead of submitting more forms to banks.

QS Loan Terms

Property TypesInvestor-owned residential and commercial real estate
Geographic LocationsMassachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Georgia
Use of FundsAcquisition, renovation or construction
CollateralFirst mortgage
Loan Size$50,000 to $5,000,000
Loan to ValueUp to 70% of completed value
Term12 Months. May be prepaid without penalty, or extended.
Interest Rate10.00% to 14.00%
Origination Fees2%

Your QS Hard Money Loan Can Be Used For




QS Loan Programs

Bridge Loan

If you have a viable exit strategy that is short-term—within 12 months of the funding of the loan—our standard bridge loan is an excellent loan product to consider. Your bridge loan can be used for (1) purchase transactions, (2) refinance transactions or (3) cash out transactions.

Fix & Flip Loan

With our Fix & Flip loan, you will not only receive acquisition funds but also have access to a construction holdback account for the approved construction budget. This loan, specifically designed for rehabbers, gives you an “all in one” loan program to help you acquire, rehab and quickly sell a property.

Construction Loan

We specifically designed the construction loan to be convenient for investors, builders, and developers. Great terms, simple application process and quick approvals allow you to finalize plans, specs and budgets—and start building sooner.

Commercial Loan

Our commercial loans are designed to help investors move quickly on the purchase, refinance, and/or rehab of commercial, multi-family, or other investment properties. Every day, we fund deals across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Georgia.

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